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 Windshield Rx is a  locator of  windshield repair companies throughout the U.S, Canada. and the U.S Virgin Islands.  Click the Facebook link below to see specials 


Some windshield repair companies may not always answer their phones, they  may be on a job or taking another quote. However, we ALWAYS answer your calls, take your information, and start the process of delivering a quick repair quote.

Customer Service

After you contact us for  a repair or replacement quote, you will get a response from us and the windshield repair  company. We will follow-up  with you within 3 business days of the completion of service to make sure you are happy with our service.

Price Match

 The main 2  goals of Winshield Rx is to  first, improve your driving vision, and the second  goal is a  happy car owner. We will try to price match any quote ; as long as we can do so without sacrificing the overall quality of the repair or windshield replacement.

Gauranteed Service

 The windshield companies contacted by us on your behalf are insured and offer gaurantees on their work.  Car Smart Club will reach out to the Car Care Provider on your behalf  if you are not completely satisfied with their service


Who completes the paperwork that deals with the insurance claim?

The  technicians will complete the paperwork.

Why is it possible for me to get my windshield repaired for FREE?

 Many insurance companies will cover the entire cost of the repair since  it is cheaper to fix it than to replace the windshield. Our listed Car Care Providers can repair cracks up to 24 inches in length and you will still pay nothing since even these repairs are covered by No Fault policies.

How long does it take to fix it?

The technicians are fast, in most cases a repair  15-20 minutes, however  a customer should wait at least an hour before  driving to allow the glass to cure.

What can we repair?

Cracked windshields larger than a dollar bill, it is still fixable in most cases. Your insurance company will pay the entire cost for long cracks up to 24 inches in most cases, as long as the crack is fixable

The repair is free with approved insurance. Consider no fault. Takes only 15 minutes and is convenient. 


If the damage spreads, replacing your windshield could cost you hundreds of dollars. A chip in auto glass can turn into a crack at any time. The longer you leave a chip on glass or crack, the more likely it is to get worse.

Are you filing an insurance claim for windshield repair? Please read the information below

  1. Please locate the Glass Claims Phone Number supplied by your insurance company, and include it in your email message
  2. We will contact your insurance company, and arrange a tentative appointment for your car care services.
  3. We will contact you to confirm the appointment for windshield repair or replacement service.

Please complete the form below for your free windsheild repair or replacement quote.

Are you shopping for other car care services?

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